Black Eagles at Daejeon

10 August 2013

Expo-Park in Daejeon, is celebrating its 20th anniversary today and tomorrow. The Black Eagles aerobatic team did a nice air demonstration for the event.

SlackE17 on Raspberry Pi

14 May 2013

Thanks to SeoZ who lends me his Raspberry Pi, I was able to test it with Slackware and E17 today. I first tried pre-built image from Stanley Garvey but couldn’t get it fit on my 8GB usb key, despise it was the same size.

So I followed the steps described on the SARPi website to install Slackware on the RPi. The process is very well describe and I got a ready to boot SD card quite easily. Unfortunately, the reboot failed (out of memory when udevd starts). An update to the kernel and firmware from an other computer fixed this issue.

Installation of SlackE17 went flawlessly, and I was soon in front of the E17 shell. This is the version of Enlightenment. It was compiled with no specific optimization. Pictures:

SlackE17 on Raspberry PiSlackE17 on Raspberry Pi

E/EFL Korean Seminar 2013

12 May 2013

Yesterday was held the first E/EFL Korean Seminar in Seoul. There were talks about Enlightenment and the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries by Carsten Haitzler (Rasterman) and Cédric Bail ; Daniel Juyung Seo (SeoZ) and Chuneon Park (Hermet) talked about the EFL Open Source Community. I, myself, made a small presentation about Elemines.

There was some interesting discussions about Wayland and the status of Pitch Black terminology.

You can download my presentation (PDF) or read it online. Sources are available.

efl seminar 1efl seminar 2efl seminar 3

Thanks a lot to Daniel for the organization!

SlackE17 (and elemines 0.2.3)

3 May 2013

I just updated SlackE17 to yesterday. The tarball contains now the EFL 1.7.6 with some upstream fixes. Users will not see a lot of changes, this is mostly a bugfix release. E17 got bump to and terminology to 0.3. Packages are available for i486 and x86_64 ; arm will be available soon. You’ll need a Slackware 14.0.

Elemines was updated to version 0.2.3. I got help from Cédric Bail to make the software more EFL-ized as it was used for some QML/EFL interesting benchmarks. Elemines is now on the official Enlightenment git repository.

You can download SlackE17 packages or sources at the usual place on Sourceforge.

Minor updates…

5 February 2013

I updated SlackE17 to 0.17.1 last week. The tarball contains now the EFL 1.7.5 with some upstream fixes. Users will not see a lot of changes, this is mostly a bugfix release. As I didn’t post any picture of the Slackware theme last time, here is one:

Slackware theme for E17

What may really matters is that SlackE17 is now available for ARM. People with ARM device using ArmedSlack 14.0 should give it a try.

You can download SlackE17 packages or sources at the usual place on Sourceforge.

I took the opportunity to update elemines to 0.2.1 when shipping it with SlackE17. Some cosmetic changes, a bugfix and translations which were kindly contributed by the enlightenment-intl team. Thanks!

elemines 0.2.1

elemines 0.2

20 January 2013

Here comes a new release of elemines, the minesweeper clone using the EFL. This new version now requires etrophy for scores management. Elemines now support the middle click feature and has been translated in french. Some cosmetic changes were made too, as you can see on the following screenshot:

elemines 0.2

E17 has been released!

23 December 2012

So it was the way the World ended. zmike finally published the long awaited release of Enlightenment DR17.

Cat in snow

On my side, I just published today the updated Slackware package of E17. You can find them at the usual place at SourceForge. Other details, like source or packages list, can be found on the project home page.

slacke17 logo

E17 is in beta

9 December 2012

So E17 turned into beta. End of world is near. After alpha2, alpha3, alpha6 and alpha8, SlackE17 now provides e17 beta, along with the bug fixes EFL 1.7.3. If you like E17, you really should try to test it now, so release could be neat.

E17 is coming

6 December 2012

Well, e17 is just around the corner.

cat in snow

I’m continuing to update SlackE17 regularly. Today, I just pushed r80174 which contains the EFL 1.7.2 and e17 alpha8. You can download it at the usual place.

Rasterman did a great work to provide a new default theme:

New SlackE17 release

17 November 2012

So Enlightenment DR17 is going alpha and the release is scheduled for the End Of The World. Better test this before it’s too late, so here are the Slackware 14.0 E17 packages at the SlackE17 project. You will find EFL 1.7.1, enlightenment 0.17 alpha2 and other EFL software like terminology, eperiodique and elemines.

The packages contain debug info so you can help debug. Stay tuned, because I will try to publish other SlackE17 release for the next alpha/beta of e17.

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