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systemd everywhere

18 February 2014

systemd meme

One Lib to rule them all,
One PID to find them,
One Init to bring them all
and in the Bloatedness bind them.

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3 Comments to “systemd everywhere”

  1. My thought exactly! Just hope Pat will never-ever put systemd (phef!) into Slackware :)

  2. @Zwierz

    Sadly, we may not have many choices. It will become harder and harder to maintain the userland systemd is phagocyting. It’s interesting to see what the BSD will do. For instance, OpenBSD is planning to maintain a compatible API:

    The upcoming most challenging task will certainly be to develop compatible APIs provided by systemd and that GNOME uses (timedated, localed, hostnamed and logind). Some parts are trivial, some others not as much.

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