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SlackE17 0.17.6

21 January 2014

I updated SlackE17 to 0.17.6. The tarball contains now the EFL 1.7.10. Users will not see a lot of changes, this is mostly a bugfix release. E17 got bump to 0.17.6. Packages are available for i486 and x86_64, arm will come soon. You’ll need a Slackware 14.1.

You can download SlackE17 packages or sources at the usual place on Sourceforge.

If you prefer to do an on-line update, you can use Slackpkg+ in order to install or update SlackE17. Once you installed Slackpkg+, just add one of this line to your /etc/slackpkg/slackpkgplus.conf


And then, activate the repository by adding ‘slacke17′ to REPOPLUS. You will have to run

# slackpkg update

at least one time before using slackpkg as usual.

Enlightenment, Linux, Projects, SlackE17, Slackware

5 Comments to “SlackE17 0.17.6”

  1. Thanks for great job! :)

    Do You have plans when slace18 will be avaliable as packages too? :)

  2. @Zwierz

    Yes, I’m working on it. Actually, it’s almost ready but I’d like to test it a little bit more. And I will have to choose to provide sound using PulseAudio or not…

  3. Great to hear! I am using Your repos for some time now and I have to say it is great work!

    Do You think it will be updateble slacke 0.17.6-> slacke 0.18?

    I am not shure about PA in Slackware, but as far I haven’t got to much use of it.

  4. @Zwierz

    I’d like to keep the e17 branch along e18 for some time. And as the packages are pretty different (lot of merge), there will not be easy path to upgrade anyway. So there will be 2 repos for people to choose from.

  5. Hi, after… more then a year.

    Is it possible that You could compile slacke17 against never version of libgcrypt (2.0 as it is in Slackware-current)?

    I have been useing slacke17 with slackware-current until the last update of libgcrypt package (and maybe something more).

    I tried to get slacke17-src and Slackbuild it but… the script didn’t work becouse of some pkgconfig issiues – I think there should be some other order.

    Still Great Job! :)

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