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Poll: Slackware ports, results

24 November 2013

The Slackware ports poll is now finished. Here are some details. 144 people answered the poll for a total of 214 Slackware ports used. That makes an average of 1.5 different port for each user.

As expected, Slackware x86-64 is now widely used with 50% of the reported installs. Slackware for i486 makes 37% which is still quite high but surely declining. The ARM gets some light here, with almost 10% it is definitively a relevant port.

On the other side, only 2 people have reported using the PPC port which seems now unmaintained. If it’s not a mistake, we found one SPARC user which is quite a discovery :-) Finally, 4 people are using “other” kind of Slackware port which makes me wonder what it is. Thanks to everyone who participated!


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