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SlackE17 on Raspberry Pi

Thanks to SeoZ who lends me his Raspberry Pi, I was able to test it with Slackware and E17 today. I first tried pre-built image from Stanley Garvey but couldn’t get it fit on my 8GB usb key, despise it was the same size.

So I followed the steps described on the SARPi website to install Slackware on the RPi. The process is very well describe and I got a ready to boot SD card quite easily. Unfortunately, the reboot failed (out of memory when udevd starts). An update to the kernel and firmware from an other computer fixed this issue.

Installation of SlackE17 went flawlessly, and I was soon in front of the E17 shell. This is the version of Enlightenment. It was compiled with no specific optimization. Pictures:

SlackE17 on Raspberry PiSlackE17 on Raspberry Pi

Enlightenment, Linux, Projects, SlackE17, Slackware

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