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SlackE17 (and elemines 0.2.3)

I just updated SlackE17 to yesterday. The tarball contains now the EFL 1.7.6 with some upstream fixes. Users will not see a lot of changes, this is mostly a bugfix release. E17 got bump to and terminology to 0.3. Packages are available for i486 and x86_64 ; arm will be available soon. You’ll need a Slackware 14.0.

Elemines was updated to version 0.2.3. I got help from C├ędric Bail to make the software more EFL-ized as it was used for some QML/EFL interesting benchmarks. Elemines is now on the official Enlightenment git repository.

You can download SlackE17 packages or sources at the usual place on Sourceforge.

elemines, Enlightenment, Linux, SlackE17, Slackware

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