Minor updates…

5 February 2013

I updated SlackE17 to 0.17.1 last week. The tarball contains now the EFL 1.7.5 with some upstream fixes. Users will not see a lot of changes, this is mostly a bugfix release. As I didn’t post any picture of the Slackware theme last time, here is one:

Slackware theme for E17

What may really matters is that SlackE17 is now available for ARM. People with ARM device using ArmedSlack 14.0 should give it a try.

You can download SlackE17 packages or sources at the usual place on Sourceforge.

I took the opportunity to update elemines to 0.2.1 when shipping it with SlackE17. Some cosmetic changes, a bugfix and translations which were kindly contributed by the enlightenment-intl team. Thanks!

elemines 0.2.1

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