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E17 Korea meeting, round 2

This is the plan for the second E17 Korean meeting. If you are an EFL/E17 developer or user from South Korea, you can come to the meeting, Saturday, July 14, in Seoul. Raster suggested that you come with your laptop (I guess he wants us to work, darn). We will first take a lunch, then drink/hack/talk/release E17 whatever… Ideas and suggestions welcome!

Suggested meeting place: Itaewon, 12:00PM, exit #1 of subway line 6 (Hamilton hotel). If you can come, please drop a message here with your name!

update: Pictures from SeoZ


5 Comments to “E17 Korea meeting, round 2”

  1. I will obviously be there :-)

  2. Of course I’m in!
    See you there.

  3. I’m in like Justin Bieber.

  4. Coming !

  5. I might come too :)

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