Some patches for Linux

13 January 2007

Here comes some patches for the new stable Linux kernel ( Some are coming from other sites, some are just rediff against the new kernel code.

Linux 2.6.19 on the road

30 September 2006

It’s time for merging major changes for the next release of Linux kernel.

So far, there is already 19MB of patches, 4354 files changed, 288 250 insertions and 119 918 deletions.

Do you know klive?

26 July 2006

klive is a project launched around one year ago by Andrea Arcangeli, a Linux kernel hacker. Quoting him:

During the 2005 Linux Kernel Developers Summit somebody raised the point that it’s not clear how much testing each git/rc/pre kernel gets before the final release, so this project aims to provide kernel live feedback about the usage of every different Linux Kernel version.

So klive is an easy way to get back kernel usage statistics from volunteers. And the project needs more volunteers. If you want to participate by sending data to the project, you will need:

After installing Python and Twisted, just run:
sh --install
to put the command into your crontab, or read the tac file if you want a more flexible way. You’ll get more informations on the klive wiki.

Or you can just look at klive statistics.

Patches for Linux

20 April 2006

Here are a few patches adapted for the new Linux

Update of Linux kernel

28 March 2006

Kernel and Kernel

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