SlackE18 is out!

9 February 2014

After several months maturing, I’m finally publishing my E18 packages for Linux Slackware. You will find the EFL 1.8.5, elementary 1.8.4 and Enlightenment 0.18.3. Most of the modules are broken and have been removed but I added a few EFL related applications.

E18 is not much than an upgrade to E17. But on the packaging side, many things changed. The biggest part is the merge of all the EFL in one build system, the change in theme and configuration files and a lot of break in modules. I actually started SlackE18 as a branch in SlackE17 repo but so many things were different that it just didn’t worth keeping all the SlackE17 history. SlackE17 is actually quite old as I started the project in 2005 and the repository as grown to a big size (2.4GB for now). It was a good time to rework the build system a little too. SlackE18 is then a separate project.

From the user point of view, there is no easy way to upgrade from SlackE17 to SlackE18 : change in the configuration files (config will start from scratch), most of the old modules not available, maybe graphic problem due to the fact that E18 use only compositing, etc. I’d rather keep SlackE17 around for some time.

The EFL >= 1.8 have sound support but it requires PulseAudio which is not available in Slackware. If you have installed PulseAudio, you could rebuild the efl package by passing PA=yes to the SlackBuild.

I added back ConnMan to SlackE18 as econnman seems stable enough.

As for SlackE17, you can install SlackE18 using the SourceForge tarball or by using Slackpkg+. You’ll need Slackware 14.1 (i486, x86_64 or ARM).

SlackE18 website:
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