E17 is in beta

9 December 2012

So E17 turned into beta. End of world is near. After alpha2, alpha3, alpha6 and alpha8, SlackE17 now provides e17 beta, along with the bug fixes EFL 1.7.3. If you like E17, you really should try to test it now, so release could be neat.

E17 is coming

6 December 2012

Well, e17 is just around the corner.

cat in snow

I’m continuing to update SlackE17 regularly. Today, I just pushed r80174 which contains the EFL 1.7.2 and e17 alpha8. You can download it at the usual place.

Rasterman did a great work to provide a new default theme:

New SlackE17 release

17 November 2012

So Enlightenment DR17 is going alpha and the release is scheduled for the End Of The World. Better test this before it’s too late, so here are the Slackware 14.0 E17 packages at the SlackE17 project. You will find EFL 1.7.1, enlightenment 0.17 alpha2 and other EFL software like terminology, eperiodique and elemines.

The packages contain debug info so you can help debug. Stay tuned, because I will try to publish other SlackE17 release for the next alpha/beta of e17.

New project: elemines

13 September 2012

I’m still playing with the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (which have reached the 1.7.0 milestone) and made a small minesweeper clone named elemines because it uses elementary. Most graphics are derivative work of the GPL data of Battle of Wesnoth. Free download of the 0.1 release at SourceForge. Have fun!

elemines screenshot

Celebrating elementary 1.0 in Seoul

3 May 2012

With the release of elementary 1.0, it’s a good time to celebrate. If you are an EFL/E17 developer or user from South Korea, you can come to the meeting, Sunday, May 6, in Seoul.

Suggested meeting place: Itaewon, 5:00PM, exit #1 of subway line 6 (Hamilton hotel).

If you can come, please drop a message here with your name!

Some pictures of the event!

Pictures from SeoZ

SlackE17 r70354

29 April 2012

Here is a new version of SlackE17, the e17 distribution for Slackware.

Visible changes include addition of connman, expedite, exquisite (with a slackware theme) and eperiodique.

Packages are ready for Slackware or Slackware64 13.37. You can download a *.tar that contains all the individual packages (preferred way) or just get the bloated with everything big mamma package.

If you only want stable code, you can get, one-by-one, the EFL 1.2.0 packages (with a snapshot of the WM).

ePeriodique 0.3

26 April 2012

The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries version 1.2.0, along with elementary 1.0 have been released today. The new ePeriodique 0.3 is based on these libraries. Here is a video preview showing the new molar mass calculator:

Themes for e17

9 March 2012

Thanks to the Bodhi Linux project, I could gather a bunch of themes for e17 and made a Slackware package to use with SlackE17. Download it on SourceForge. Beware, it’s big (260 MB). Preview are on the Bodhi Linux website.

ePeriodique 0.2.2

25 February 2012

New release of ePeriodique:

  • Add an animation to show the data
  • Add a navigation bar in the data window
  • Makes symbol colour depends on phase in the table
  • Code refactoring
  • Define and use colour classes instead of data in edje theme
  • misc bug fixes

ePeriodique 0.2.1

15 January 2012

Bug fix release of ePeriodique, a periodic table of elements using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.

You can download source code package and Slackware 13.37 packages (to use with SlackE17).

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