La citation du jour

26 February 2014

Il fallait être Newton pour apercevoir que la Lune tombe, quand tout le monde voit bien qu’elle ne tombe pas.

Paul Valéry (1871-1945)

systemd everywhere

18 February 2014

systemd meme

One Lib to rule them all,
One PID to find them,
One Init to bring them all
and in the Bloatedness bind them.

Black Eagles at Daejeon

10 August 2013

Expo-Park in Daejeon, is celebrating its 20th anniversary today and tomorrow. The Black Eagles aerobatic team did a nice air demonstration for the event.

Vote par Internet

10 May 2012

J’ai reçu, il y a quelques jours, la nouvelle procédure concernant l’élection des députés des Français de l’étranger. Il est donc désormais possible de voter par Internet, avec toutes les incertitudes que cela comporte sur le secret et l’authentification du vote.

procedure vote internet

Where are people coming from ?

18 May 2006

Here is a map showing locations of people accessing this server ( this blog and the CFCD ):
Locations of visitors

Earth Day

22 April 2006

Today is the Earth Day and my birthday, which happen to be the same one as Jack Nicholson, Yehudi Menuhin and Lenin.

rm -r /home/ngc891/

18 April 2006

ngc891@comet:/tmp$ rm -r /home/ngc891/


Yeah, this kind of thing happen to everyone one day or another. I did a [CTRL]+C maybe 2 seconds after, and shut the power down immediatly. Seems I lost very few thing (one file so far). My /home is on ext3, an other partition I was working on is on ext2 and did crash cleanly. One file lost so far, too.

I can be thankful to the I/O buffering of the Linux kernel 2.6 ; it’s seems to have retained most of the transactions on RAM and didn’t write much on disk before I shut the power down.

Maybe it’s time to do a new ${HOME} backup :-)